Al Mehraj Islamic School

Urdu, Arabic, English, Pashto



Aside from the subcontinent, Urdu language is spoken and widely understood throughout multiple parts of the world. Secondary to only Farsi and Arabic, Urdu language also bears the designation of being the representative language of the Muslim world. The Urdu language has always been seen with great appreciation due to its best literature, elegance of content and the depth of writing that incorporates the essence of understanding.


Apart from being amongst the representative languages of the United Nations, Arabic also hold the designation of being the Representative Language of Muslims around the world as well. It is the saying of Prophet Muhammad SAW, “ Love Arab due to 3 things, fore mostly that I am from Arab, Quran is in Arabic and thirdly, it will also be the language of the pious and souls of heaven.” To understand Quran, and the various of other Religious books, understanding Arabic is of great benefit. Our students are taught Arabic keeping in view the religious and practical benefit of the language.


In this prevailing era of science and technology, the importance of English language is self-explanatory. It is the international language to benefit from all technology of computer and internet, having an excellent command over the English language is of paramount importance. Those parents who wish to have their children calibrated to the ever advancing perspectives of the era can benefit from this programme.


Millions of pathan families across the world strive to keep their children connected to tradition, heritage and culture. At E-Quran Teaching our clients are also facilitated with Pathan teachers to teach Quran in the same language.


for a log era in history, farsi stood with the reputation of being the national language of Iran and The Subcontinent. Farsi poets including Moulana Rumi, Sheikh Saadi Sheraazi and Ameer Khosru are most prominent who spread the word of Islam to every corner of the world. To ensure protection of this precious heritage of the Soofia, we at E-Quran Teaching ensure teaching it in as translated in and to Farsi.