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Basics of Islam


Why is it Important to Learn the Basics of Islam?

You cannot expect to gain proximity with your Creator if you don’t understand the fundamentals of faith. Clarifying the basic concepts is essential for becoming a better Muslim. Even Allah (SWT) loves those who spend their time improving their knowledge about Islam.

Our basics of Islam course is here to help you get better knowledge about the essentials. Regardless of your age, gender, or culture; our tutors will assist you to enhance your knowledge step-by-step. We modify our pace according to the preferences of our students. However, the course designed covers all aspects fully.

With intact Islamic knowledge, you can tread on your journey towards The Creator with much vigor. Slowly, when you start implementing the new learning in your life, you can’t help but notice how Barakah encloses you from all sides.

Indeed, understanding and reciting the Quran is essential. Yet, we must devote a good time rounding up the basic knowledge about Islam so we can modify our lives, as per the pleasure of the Almighty. The Islam basics course designed by QURAN TUTORING is intensive, rich, and relevant. We make regular updates in our course outline, as per the requirements of the students.

Basics of Islam Course Outlines

Basic beliefs of Islam

Wazu (Ablution)

Method of Wazu. (How to Perform Wazu/Ablution?)
Faraiz-e-Wazu. (Wazu Obligations or Obligations of Wazu)
Nawaqiz-e-Wazu. (Things that Nullify Wazu)

Ghusl (Full body purification)

Method of taking Shower. (How to do Ghusl?)
Faraiz-e-Bath (Shower) (Obligations of Ghusl)
Sunnat method of Shower. (Sunnah of Ghusl)

Namaz (Salah)

Importance of Namaz. (Importance of Salah or Why Namaz is important?)
Faraiz-e-Namaz. (Salah/Namaz Obligations)
Wajbat-e-Namaz. (Salah/Namaz Essentials)
Sajdah Sahw. (Forgetfulness Prostration)
Mufsidat-e-Namaz. (The Invalidators)
How to Mak Saff for Namaz. (How to make Saff (rows) for Salah?)
Method of Namaz (How to Perform Salah?)
Dua after Namaz (Dua after Salah)


Faraiz-e-Roza (The Obligations in Fasting)
Nawaz-e-Roza (Things that Nullify Fasting)
Makrohat. (The Undesirable Acts in Fasting)

Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Complete Method of Hajj. (The Definitive Guide to Performing Hajj)

Zakat (Alms-giving)

Safar Namaz (Salah during Travel)

Namaz e Jumaa (The Friday prayer)

Namz Tahjjud (The Night Prayer)

Namaz-e-Ishraq (The Post-Sunrise Prayer)

Namaz-e-Janaza (The Funeral Prayer)

Requirements for Namaz-e-Janaza

Daily Supplications

Dua before staring meal
Dua after finishing meal
Dua for entering home
Dua for leaving home
Dua for entering washroom
Dua for leaving washroom
Dua for morning and evening