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Arabic Language Course


Arabic is the language of the Quran. Most importantly, it is the language of the Jannah. Living in a world where people want to become pros in multiple languages, choosing Arabic is typically viewed as outdated and absurd. However, as Muslims, there is no other language that strikes our heart like the Arabic.

When you jump onto this bandwagon, the extensive beauty of this language will never fail to surprise you. A word can change its entire meaning by tweaking one symbol. Even if you pronounce a word differently, the meaning of whole sentence takes a twist.
No other language on this Earth is so deep and yet so beautiful.
Essentially, Arabic is a macro language with 30 modern dialects. The main purpose of studying

Arabic, for most non-Arabs is to learn the Classic version of this language. It was used in Islamic literature of 7 th and 9 th centuries and it is the language of the Quran.

We learn over and over in the Quran that Allah (SWT) loves His servants who make efforts in this Dunya for His sake. There are verses like:
“As for those who believe and lead a righteous life, their Lord guides them by virtue of their belief. Rivers will flow beneath them in the gardens of bliss.”  (Quran 10:9)
Thus, treading onto the journey of studying Arabic might be hard. However, it is through these obstacles that you can strengthen your bond with Allah (SWT).

Our Arabic Language Course Curriculum

Given that most of our students come from a non-Arabic background, we have designed our course with precision. Below are the elements covered in our curriculum:

  • Introduction to Arabic Grammar
  • Background of Arabic Literature
  • In-depth Evaluation of Linguistic Concepts
  • Illustration of Symbols in the Quran and their influence
  • Interesting Chapters from the Books
  • Interactive Activities

We make sure that our teachers guide you along the way. We have a team of professionals who are fully aware on how to tackle the troubles faced by students during the online Arabic language course. They handle each student with concern and respond all their queries with detailed answers.

Learn Arabic Online
We spend a large part of our lives to gain expertise in our academics. What we fail to understand is that the knowledge of the Quran is our primary responsibility. Considering that you are on this page, we believe that you have finally realized the hard fact of this temporary life.

Feel free to join hands with QURAN TUTORING to begin a journey towards Allah (SWT). No matter if you don’t get the hang of it initially, Allah (SWT) will value your commitment towards the goal!

May Allah open our minds and help us grasp the intricacies of this language with ease. Aameen!