Al Mehraj Islamic School

Learning Quran is an important part of Muslim faith and culture. The Quran is considered the word of God, and contains guidance and wisdom that can help Muslims lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. Here are some of the reasons providing by Al Mehraj Islamic School why learning the Quran is so important:

  1. Spiritual growth: Learning the Quran can deepen your spiritual connection to God and help you grow as a Muslim.
  2. Guidance: The Quran provides guidance and direction for every aspect of life, from personal relationships to business dealings.
  3. Moral guidance: The Quran teaches important moral values such as compassion, forgiveness, and honesty, which can help you lead a more virtuous life.
  4. Community: Learning the Quran is often done in a group setting, which can help build community and foster a sense of belonging.

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